Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Beiber's "Drag Racing" Allegations Bogus?

According to TMZ, Miami Beach police officers may have fudged the initial reports of the 19-year-old pop singers actual "racing" speed during the time of the arrest. The website is claiming that they have discovered that the Biebs and his drag racing buddy may have driving below the speed limit at the the time that authorities pulled them over. They are also reporting that there were GPS devices installed on the rented vehicles, a Lamborghini that Bieber was said to be driving and a Ferrari that his pal Khalil was driving. According to their sources, the GPS tracking device only clocked both cars at the speed of 27 Miles per hour at time that police are claiming the drag race was taking place.

Only time will tell if this evidence will hold up in court and come into play for Biebers defense in this case. Word is that this particular police department allegedly has a poor track record when it comes to these matters. This could be a win for the Bieber camp. We shall see.

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