Monday, January 27, 2014

Harry Styles Vs Justin Bieber

Yesterday Beliebers took their latest rant to twitter on how Justin Bieber is treated SO differently or judged differently because "he's Justin Bieber". This photo of the 19 Year Old Biebs peeing in a mop bucket was placed next to a pic of One Direction singer Harry Styles peeing in a bush. Their point? When Harry peed everyone laughed but when Justin peed everyone judged. For starters,  it's rather absurd that that fans are assessing a pair of young pop stars in pee pee photos. But what many of Biebers clueless young fans have failed to realize is the difference in humor behind these two pee pee pics. The reason everyone laughed at Harry's photo has nothing to do with WHO was actually peeing. It has everything to do with the fact that in Style's pee pic, we can actually see Harrys little bare BUTT! And BUTTS are FUNNY! Leather saggy black pants are not. But (so to speak) bare butts? They are hilarious.

I'm sorry I had to break it down for you this way Beliebers but....

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