Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Miley Cyrus Responds to a Fans Prom Proposal

Last week, a 17-year old die-hard Miley Cyrus fan made a hilarious video proposal on Youtube for Miley to go to  his high school prom with him in Arizona. The video went viral and managed to get the attention from the "Wrecking Ball" singer. Miley declined the invitation to the prom due to scheduling conflicts with upcoming performances, but invited the young fan to come hang out with her at her upcoming concert in Phoenix. Miley Tweeted:
 This was a pretty cool story all around. Way to go Matt!
Here is the video:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is Justin Bieber a Threat to Homeland Security?

TMZ  is reporting law enforcement sources have told them that pop-star turned wanna-be bad boy Justin Bieber will be indefinitely searched by US customs EVERY time he enters and exits the country. The website is reporting that Homeland Security now has the 19 year old heartthrob on their watch list as a result of his two ongoing criminal investigations.

Ok..here is what I think. I understand Bieber was arrested for DUI. I understand he is under investigation for allegedly egging a neighbors house. I understand he was charged with assault from an altercation with a limo driver in Canada... but seriously? Really? REALLY? Doesn't homeland security have more important things to worry about than Justin Bieber? Is this little pint sized "Baby" singer with an over inflated ego really considered a threat to our wonderful nation? Sounds ridiculous to me.

Is he annoying? YES. Does he bother people with his immature bratty antics? Absolutely! Are they afraid he's going to get off of a plane all jacked up on cough syrup with a carton of eggs? Maybe

I don't know, but it seems a little bit extreme - and this is coming from someone that wouldn't mind seeing the Biebs be deported.

The 19 year old pop star released a new music video last week. "Confident" .. and there is no doubt in my mind that the young singer has plenty of it.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Justin Bieber Stripper Breast Photo SMH

Ok well a few hours ago I noticed Justin Bieber was once again trending on twitter. I thought to myself "Ohh...seriously? What now?" Well it turns out that TMZ had posted a photo of Bieber and his buddy Khalil Sharieff in what appears to be a pic the two of them sucking on the breasts of a stripper. The website claims that this photo is from a recent party. Beliebers have taken to twitter claiming that the photo is a fake and was "photoshoped". The Biebs' fans, who are often quick to defend the "Baby" singer on twitter, claim that Justin actually has a tattoo behind his ear which is missing in the photo. We do know that Bieber had reportedly spent $75K recent excursion to a strip club.  It has not been confirmed exactly when or where this was taken or if this photo was leaked from that outing or from another event.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Miley Gives Advice to Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus made an appearance on Jay Leno last evening and had some insightful advice for troubled pop star Justin Bieber. Although it may seem ironic originating from someone who stripped down for a recent music video, she was quick to make it clear that she hasn't managed to do "anything illegal." The well-liked "Wrecking Ball" pop star is well aware of what it's like to be at the target of controversy, though off stage, she has actually managed not to fall into any serious complications with the law. When Cyrus was questioned on The Tonight Show Thurs night, Leno asked her what she would possibly say to Justin Bieber, whose bad boy behavior lately has landed him into a considerable amount of legal troubles. Bieber in currently under investigation for vandalism accusations made by his neighbor in addition to DUI charges in Miami and more recently assault charges in Canada. "You've got a lot of money" stated the 21 year old female singer "Pay people to make sure you don't get into trouble...Party at your house... Buy a house.. Add a club to it." When Jay asked whether or not Miley had any regrets regarding her teen years, The former Hanna Montana star replied "You know it's funny because today I was looking, my fans had put all these mugshots up and they were like, "'I don't see a Miley mugshot yet.'" She proceeded to say: "I'm not doing anything illegal! I'm doing a lot... " However, she asserted, "Everything I do is legal in California."

This is why people shouldn't compare Miley Cyrus antics on stage to Justin Bieber. What Miley does on stage or in front of the camera is an artistic choice. How this young woman conducts herself off stage, does no harm to anyone. Bieber on the other hand...?? Alleged DUI, assault and vandalism.. is not cool.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Taylor Swift's "I Lost" Reaction Gif

Taylor Swift was nominated for Best Album of the Year. She didn't win this time. Daft Punk actually won the award. Here is a hilarious gif of her reaction. LOL. It's not quite as amusing as or shocking as the reaction of the two men seated next to her and behind her.

Harry Styles Vs Justin Bieber

Yesterday Beliebers took their latest rant to twitter on how Justin Bieber is treated SO differently or judged differently because "he's Justin Bieber". This photo of the 19 Year Old Biebs peeing in a mop bucket was placed next to a pic of One Direction singer Harry Styles peeing in a bush. Their point? When Harry peed everyone laughed but when Justin peed everyone judged. For starters,  it's rather absurd that that fans are assessing a pair of young pop stars in pee pee photos. But what many of Biebers clueless young fans have failed to realize is the difference in humor behind these two pee pee pics. The reason everyone laughed at Harry's photo has nothing to do with WHO was actually peeing. It has everything to do with the fact that in Style's pee pic, we can actually see Harrys little bare BUTT! And BUTTS are FUNNY! Leather saggy black pants are not. But (so to speak) bare butts? They are hilarious.

I'm sorry I had to break it down for you this way Beliebers but....

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Beiber's "Drag Racing" Allegations Bogus?

According to TMZ, Miami Beach police officers may have fudged the initial reports of the 19-year-old pop singers actual "racing" speed during the time of the arrest. The website is claiming that they have discovered that the Biebs and his drag racing buddy may have driving below the speed limit at the the time that authorities pulled them over. They are also reporting that there were GPS devices installed on the rented vehicles, a Lamborghini that Bieber was said to be driving and a Ferrari that his pal Khalil was driving. According to their sources, the GPS tracking device only clocked both cars at the speed of 27 Miles per hour at time that police are claiming the drag race was taking place.

Only time will tell if this evidence will hold up in court and come into play for Biebers defense in this case. Word is that this particular police department allegedly has a poor track record when it comes to these matters. This could be a win for the Bieber camp. We shall see.