Saturday, February 1, 2014

Justin Bieber Stripper Breast Photo SMH

Ok well a few hours ago I noticed Justin Bieber was once again trending on twitter. I thought to myself "Ohh...seriously? What now?" Well it turns out that TMZ had posted a photo of Bieber and his buddy Khalil Sharieff in what appears to be a pic the two of them sucking on the breasts of a stripper. The website claims that this photo is from a recent party. Beliebers have taken to twitter claiming that the photo is a fake and was "photoshoped". The Biebs' fans, who are often quick to defend the "Baby" singer on twitter, claim that Justin actually has a tattoo behind his ear which is missing in the photo. We do know that Bieber had reportedly spent $75K recent excursion to a strip club.  It has not been confirmed exactly when or where this was taken or if this photo was leaked from that outing or from another event.

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